Restaurants, cafés, hotels: a billion losses

Since 2 June, the start of the second phase of deconfinement in France, restaurants, bars and hotels have once again been allowed to operate. There are many bankruptcies in Occitania. Some establishments have even chosen not to reopen during the summer, while others manage to survive, there are also those who have preferred to sell their activities, or even their real estate and all their hotels. The sector is suffering, but in disparate ways.

The reopening of bars, restaurants and hotels in Occitania on June 2 during the second phase of deconfinement allowed customers to return to their habits, but the health crisis has not been neutral for the regional tourist industry.

The loss of turnover is estimated at more than one billion euros. Although professionals in the sector were able to feel an upturn in June, this upturn in activity fell like a soufflé from July onwards.

Foreign tourists, such as Spaniards, Portuguese and Italians, are absent, digging a hole in the reservation books. Usually, the occupancy rate of my establishment is around 60%, today I reach 25%,” explains Frédéric Michel, manager of the Hotel Héliot, located near the Allées Jean-Jaurès in Toulouse.

Its situation is nothing new, in the region, professionals are worried, for example in the Tarn, in Gaillac or in the famous medieval city of Cordes-sur-Ciel.Accommodation managers are unable to plan ahead.bookings are made at the last minute, with clients indexing their choices to government measures.others opting for individual accommodation, such as rentals between individuals or via the Airbnb platform.

An average season on the coast

Depending on the size, reputation and, of course, the location of the tourist establishment, the economic damage is not uniform: “In the outskirts of Toulouse, for example, some people have difficulty making a quarter of the reservations they usually make,” says Philippe Belot, vice-president of the Union of Hotel Trades and Industries (Umih) in the Haute-Garonne.

Jean-Charles Cabau, manager of six “Bistro Régent” restaurants, two of which are located in Labège and Muret, agrees: “I’m recording 30% less turnover,” he explains. But as in any crisis, there are winners and losers.Houses such as the starred chef Michel Sarran’s, still in the Pink City, are doing well, posting almost full houses for the next few months.further north, in Aveyron, in Laguiole, Sébastien Bras’ table is starting a season on a comfortable booking cushion.

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