With supporters of Donald Trump, who entered into resistance after the outcome of the US presidential election

REPORT - In the federal capital Washington DC or in Arizona, a conservative land that has rocked for Joe Biden, the JDD has spent the last few days with the Trumpists, who like their president are contesting the outcome of the American presidential election.that different from each other.

Obviously this is not quite what we imagined.The Proud Boys storming the Park cafe of the chic intercontinental hotel in Washington, not a stone's throw from the White House.The American neo-fascist organization proudly displayed his black and yellow colors.Their leader Enrique Tarrio was in charge of the safety of the famous radio host, Alex Jones, who came to harangue the Trumpists.From the Bad Guys to the jugglers, the "Million MAGA March" had gathered a lot of people to support its battered president Donald Trump.The streets of Washington DC belonged to half an America at war with the other on Saturday.

"Yhuru", "freedom" in Swahili, the rallying cry of the Proud Boys.So, here they are on their way, in the heart of a crowd who now recognize them by their Fred Perry polo shirt (already in vogue among English hooligans in the 1990s).Here they are on Pennsylvania Avenue which leads to the Supreme Court with Alex Jones at their head who shouts into his megaphone: "Trump four more years", "Trump four years older." "America Awakens, America Rises, 1766, 1766." The ecstatic crowd takes to heart the declamations of their favorite radio host, early Trumpist.A dozen groups have responded to the call of this rally which is intended as a real show of force from the base of the Trumpists.

Biden is "a thief"

Posted Date: 2020-11-16

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